ILA Fly-In 2016

May 31th - June 4th, 2016

As the name indicates, the focus of the Fly-In is the ILA – Berlin Air Show. We will visit the ILA on a visitors’ and on a trade visitors’ day. At the ILA, we are organizing a variety of guided tours, special insights, career consulting and much more with our partner companies. Furthermore, we want you to get to know Berlin better, which means that you will participate in a city tour and we have also included a simulator flight in our aerospace department at the Technical University of Berlin. Everything (food, transportation in Berlin, tickets to ILA,..) is included in the participants’ fee.

In 2014, the ILA Berlin Air Show counted around 230.000 visitors and 1.204 exhibitors, establishing itself as one of the biggest and most prominent aerospace trade fairs in Germany and Europe. An air show of such significance is a highlight for all parties involved, especially for everybody enthralled by aerospace. Here, exhibitors have the opportunity to reach a wide audience. Young and committed talents strive to meet their potential future employers, however this networking often doesn`t go along without the desired success. Why is that so?

Today, most students are taught theoretical knowledge, such as how to solve a technical problem with formulae and physical laws. However, valuable social competencies, so called soft-skills, are usually disregarded. This is often the reason a number of students fail to meet the high standards companies set, despite having an excellent degrees. It does not have to be this way!

We at EUROAVIA are convinced that connecting with companies as early as possible plays an integral role in a student’s development and is an ideal preparation for future work environments. One of our major goals is to bring companies and students together at organised international events and to promote the development of soft skills for effective networking.

EUROAVIA Berlin organized the ILA Fly-In 2014, the greEngineering-Congress in early 2012 and hosted in December of the same year successfully the Advances In Gas Turbines Symposium. At the upcoming ILA Berlin Air Show in 2016, we aim to promote this kind of networking, which defines EUROAVIA. Students will not only experience the fascinating ILA, but will also be brought together with representatives from established and new companies in the field of aerospace.

Generating this kind of cooperation is the goal of EUROVIA and we are convinced that the ILA Berlin Air Show 2016 offers ideal prerequisites for achieving this goal.

Preliminary program:

Download the preliminary program here:

TRAVEL to Berlin:

By plane:
There are still two active airports in Berlin, despite a third one (the BER) originally planned to replace those, is being built since what seems forever. You can find cheap flights to Berlin e.g. at or (just chose your country in the upper right corner).

Berlin Tegel (TXL) is located in the North of Berlin and is approached by mainly network carriers like KLM, British Airways and of course Air Berlin.

Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) is located south of Berlin and is a small airport for mainly low cost carriers and vacation travel/charter flights. Airlines like EasyJet, Ryanair, Condor and Norwegian start and land here.

By train:
Berlin has many stations for long distance trains e.g. from Eastern Europe, France, Netherlands etc. You can find good connections here:

By bus:
There are many national and international bus connections to and from Berlin. The best way to check for good fares is at


You will stay at the Sunflower Hostel, which is located in the middle of Berlin Friedrichshain, 5min walking distance from the famous “Warschauer Straße”.


• Free breakfast at the hostel
• Free bed linen and beds made before arrival
• Free WiFi in the bar
• Free walking tours from the hostel
• Travel and sightseeing tips at reception
• 24-hour reception
• No curfew and no lockout
• Key card access to the hostel area and rooms
• Luggage storage and secure lockers available for valuables
• Chill-out area
• Satellite TV in the bar
• Rooms cleaned daily
• Broadband access
• Bike rentals
• Towels for rent

Transportation within Berlin:

Although Berlin is beautiful, you don’t want to get lost – and we most certainly don’t want you to get lost!
What means of transportation are there?

The S-Bahn is probably the fastest way to travel a longer distance in Berlin. There is a circle line („Ringbahn“) around the city centre, going both directions.

Comfortable regional trains (RE,RB) depart from the main S-Bahn stations in the city (Zoo, Hauptbahnhof, Friedrichstraße) This way, you can get to Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF) quickly by taking the RE7 or RB14.

Berlin underground (U-Bahn) is the best way to get around in the city centre for shorter distances. Most lines depart every 5-10 minutes.

Important routes from your hostel:
Your hostel is near the underground/S-Bahn station Warschauer Straße, where the famous sightseeing station Alexanderplatz is just three stops away. If going to Technical University Berlin, you have to exit at Zoologischer Garten and take the U2 towards Ruhleben to Ernst-Reuter Platz (one stop).
On their website, you can find routes from the two airports to the hostel at:

- Take the S-Bahn to “Ostkreuz” from “Warschauer Straße” (one stop)
- Then, either take the RB14 or RE7 and exit at ”Schönefeld Flughafen“ OR (if you miss the RB/RE)
- take the S9 (to “Schönefeld Flughafen”)

To Wildau:
- Take the RE2 from “Ostkreuz“ and exit at “Königs Wusterhausen“
- Take the S46 to „Wildau“
To find routes just go to and use the journey planner on the right. You also get useful information about Berlin there.
The S-Bahn Berlin App/BVG is also very helpful, you can download it here: Apple , Google Play Store


The German currency is the Euro (€). Prices shown are already including taxes, so what you see is what you pay.

Sample price guide
Glass of beer: 2,50-3€
Cocktail : 6-9€
Cup of coffee: 1,80€
Döner Kebab: 3€
Currywust: 2,50€

Generally, snacks like a currywurst or a Döner are more expensive in the city, especially at tourist hot spots like Alexanderplatz or Friedrichstraße.

Exchange rate: Rumania
1 RON = 0,22 EUR (22 cents)
1 EUR = 4,5 RON
5 EUR = 22,5 RON
20 EUR = 90 RON

The international country dialling code to Germany is +49 and the Berlin city code is +30.
The outgoing international code dialling out of Germany is 00, followed by the relevant country code.
Dialling within Berlin from a mobile phone use the (030) prefix. Dialling within Berlin from a land line drop the (030) prefix.

2 prong round pin plug required (230 Volt, 50 Hz)

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is one of the country’s three city-states. The city is located in the north-east of Germany and is surrounded by the state of Brandenburg. With 3.4 Million inhabitants, Berlin is by far the largest city in Germany, the second largest in the EU and the fourth largest in Europe. Berlin has been the capital of a German country for over 300 years, most notably being the capital of the GDR from 1949 to 1990. Since 1999 the German parliament and assembly, the Chancellor and his/her ministry, as well as the President of Germany have all resided in Berlin and it is therefore the centre of German politics.

Modern day Berlin is still marked by its recent past. Because of the destruction caused during the Second World War and the division of its districts between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Berliners identify themselves by the former dividing lines of the city. The Berlin Wall and the Luftbrücke (airbridge) that overcame the Soviet blockade of the city, as well as the freedom that resulted from the fall of the wall are defining elements of Berlin. Furthermore, the Cold War kept Berlin from developing a city centre, resulting in the decentralised layout it has today. Places like Alexanderplatz or the Kurfürstendamm were the cultural centres of the former sectors and remain the focus for Berlin life even 23 years after its reunification. In addition, four universities, formerly supported by the allied forces, and 17 universities of applied sciences have established themselves in the capital, creating a noticeably large student community, despite the size of the city.

Today, Berlin is divided into twelve districts, all with their own way of life, which have all been and still are strongly influenced by immigrants from all over the world. In the 17th century, Huguenots moved to Berlin from France and brought the potato with them amongst other things. Today, immigrants from all over the world flock to Berlin and it is unofficially the largest Turkish city outside of Turkey. Currently around 14,5% of Berlin’s population is made up of foreign nationalities. This has a great effect, not only on culture and architecture, but also on cuisine and politics.

You can experience this cultural diversity in Berlin’s 420 galleries, 153 museums, 50 theatres, 7 philharmonic orchestras and 3 operas. In addition, a large electronic and alternative music scene has evolved. Because of the divide of the city, Berlin has many things in duplicate, including two zoos. The Tiergarten is a green oasis in the middle of the city and Berlin has many other parks, as well as an Olympic sports stadium. Not forgetting, Berlin is the birthplace of the two most important German fast-food innovations: the Currywurst and the German style Doner Kebab!

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (founded in 1991) is located right at Berlin’s southern doorstep, where city and nature meet. It focuses on studies of Engineering, Locistics and Management. The pleasant campus with its modernized former factory buildings has direct access to a S-Bahn station, a new library and a canteen. The region around Wildau, including the Schönefeld SXF airport, is an aspiring location for the aerospace industry around Berlin.

The TU Berlin was re-founded in 1946 by Queen Elizabeth II and with its 32,000 students is one of the largest universities in Berlin. The university is home to seven schools: Humanities, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Process Sciences, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering & Transport Systems, Planning – Building – Environment and Economics & Management. The campus is situated close to Zoologischer Garten station, from where Berlin’s famous landmarks such as the Siegessäule, Brandenburg Gate, the Tiergarten or Potsdamer Platz can easily be reached on foot. Today it is one of the biggest urban campus area in Europe.

Franke Industrie AG

The expert for hot gas parts Franke Industrie AG is the supplier of hot gas parts for Industrial Gas Turbines as for Space and Aerospace. The company built its business on sustainable long term partnerships with well known market leaders. Through these co-operations Franke Industrie AG is able to participate in the latest projects and therefore delivers key components for the latest engines. The Aarburg based company offers a wide range of in-house processes, such as: Welding, Forming, Machining (Milling, Turning, Water-Jet-Machining, Laser Drilling as well as Laser Cutting) and Non-Destructive Testing. To supplement those processes Franke Industrie AG maintains a strong supplier network. The company holds a EN 9100:2009 certificate. Continuous improvement of processes, infrastructure as well as the highly qualified staff makes Franke Industrie AG a strong and reliable partner.

Messe Berlin

Messe Berlin has been organising international trade fairs and congresses since 1822. They organise more than 100 regional, national and international in-house and guest events each year.

Besides the leading international trade shows ITB Berlin/Asia, International Green Week Berlin, IFA, InnoTrans and Fruit Logistica Berlin/HongKong their mainly international programme of trade fairs covers a wide range of events - be it the food, travel, logistics, healthcare IT or consumer electronics? Messe Berlin?s portfolio has many highlights to offer.

Let yourself be inspired by their events:

ILA CareerCenter

In Germany alone there are thousands of unfilled positions for scientists, engineers and skilled workers within the aerospace industry. In addition, the general labor market can barely supply the demand for business specialists, flight crews and career changers. At the ILA CareerCenter, however, you will reach both qualified personnel and newcomers. With an attractive offer of events and services, the ILA CareerCenter has developed into one of the largest aerospace job fairs.

ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg

The Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB) is the State of Brandenburg’s central contact point for investors, local companies and technology-oriented start-ups.

You want to invest in the German Capital Region, expand your business or improve your competitive edge through the development of new technologies? We offer expert consulting services for all matters related not only to business incentives and the promotion of technology and foreign trade, but also further training, workforce availability, integration at work and family-friendly jobs. As Brandenburg’s energy agency, we are also your contact for all questions related to energy efficiency. Last but not least, we support the dynamic clusters that already exist in the German Capital Region.

stura Wildau

Christian Hoffmann


Robert Marx


Sertan Gül

Final Dinner & Alumni

Belal Zahda

Final Dinner & Alumni

Nick Hentschel

Final Dinner & Alumni

Joel Ram

Programme ILA

Lars Wilimzig

Programme ILA

Phillip Nagel

Programme TU

Vladislav Todorov

The ILA Fly-In 2016 offers the unique opportunity to make contact with highly motivated, enthusiastic students from all over Europe. These students traveling to Berlin offer technical knowledge acquired in their studies in aerospace technology, as well as experience in project management, leadership skills and intercultural competencies.

Additionally, the ILA Fly-In 2016 provides an occasion to present your company to a group of aspiring individuals in a private environment. Experiences and impressions participants gain, are spread throughout the viral EUROAVIA network all across Europe creating expansive exposure for your company’s name. This type of target audience of aerospace students is unique in Europe!

If you are interested in getting to know our talented members in an informal meeting or in the scope of a recruiting session, seize this opportunity to benefit your company and support us!

Benefit from the ILA Fly-In 2016 and inspire the future generation of aerospace! Be a part of this unique gathering and help us propel relationships between companies and students to new heights. Contact us to talk about your ideas and for any questions you might have. We look forward to your support!

You will be able to present your company, your projects and stands to these students, who will spread the word to more than 2000 EUROAVIA members all over Europe.

Be a part of this unique international gathering of students actively pursuing a successful future career by meeting and networking with representatives of high profile companies. Contact us to find out more! The presentational opportunities for your company are listed in our Sponsoring Booklet.

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