Who we are

EUROAVIA is a Europe-wide student organization initiated to bring together students across all professions fascinated by aviation.
We are counting about 2500 members from 38 universities and 19 countries in Europe so far.
The Affiliated Society Berlin is the local group in the capital of Germany participated of both Technical University Berlin and the Wildau University of Applied Science students.

Our vision:

  • A network across the branch of aviation to effectively bring young entrepreneurs together with their industrial counterparts
  • Exchanges amongst students around Europe on a professional, academic and intercultural basis
Our mission:
  • Workshops and Working Groups (e.g. Teamwork, Leadership Presentations, Technical Projects)
  • Offering special ?members for members? courses such as MATLAB, LateX not taught in university
  • Regular meetings to keep our members up to date and get new inputs to improve future events and to get to no one another
  • Excursions to collect practical experiences in companies related to Aviation
  • Establishing International conferences in which members of EUROAVIA from different nations meet and share knowledge.

The recent project is the traditional ILA Fly-In 2016 giving 25 students across Europe the opportunity to participate in an excellent event during the ILA Berlin Air Show. For more information visit the Fly-In website reachable over the ?Fly-In? tab. During a Fly-In people of all Affiliated Societies (AS) can apply to visit another AS.
Fly-Ins are designed to encourage a culturally and linguistically diverse atmosphere and enable the building of strong friendships among the EUROAVIA members. Moreover, the intercultural approach offers all interested students the opportunity to gain their own experience of team management, communication and leadership skills in a professional atmosphere including workshops, industry insights and soft skill training.